What are the 5 puzzle adventures & 2 project creation studios?

OCEAN ODYSSEY: Learn sequencing and pattern recognition in this fun underwater adventure, as you help Gillie the goldfish collect coins!
ROBOTS! Bring wacky robots to life and fix the programming in a robot factory while you learn about events and parameters.
WILD RUMBLE: Help eight endangered animals traverse a jungle path while avoiding obstacles, using counting loops, delays, and parameters.
PUFFBALL PANIC: Help adorable dust bunnies add to their sock collection as you apply conditional loops to navigate a dynamic environment.
SUPER SQUAD: Join the Super Squad and retrieve stolen museum treasure from super villains using conditional logic to handle changing situations.
ART AND MUSIC STUDIO: Generate math art and compose music using a sandbox environment that allows you to create programs using coding skills you have learned.
ANIMATION STUDIO: Make interactive animations and tell stories using a set of sandboxes that allow you to create programs with code.

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